We are twins by the spirit!
Название: Through the worlds to You.

Автор: Kit2000andAnna

Фандом: Hakuouki.

Пейринг: Saito/Chizuru/Chikage.


Рейтинг: T.

Статус: Completed

Предупреждение: No warnings.

Дисклаймер: We don't own Hakuouki.

Размещение: Only after our permission

Краткое описание: A young girl comes to Kyoto to study History. She lives in her sensei's friend's house, but starts to feel some strange feelings towards the owner's son--a young and handsome man with deep azure eyes. A Saito/Chizuru/Chikage fic..

От автора: The fanfic is written in English

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Фанфик "Through the Worlds to You" официально завершен. Благодарим всех за прочтение и отзывы!

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